The Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme ensures that the transport of raw milk and milk fractions meets food safety requirements, recognised industry good practice and specific customer needs.

 Dairy Transport Assurance SchemeThe Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme provides assurance for the haulage of milk and milk fractions. DTAS standards for milk collection are the benchmark for the industry. They are written and audited by experts from the industry and draw on the expertise and commitment of industry professionals.

In 2015, DTAS was built in the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme and all dairy products carrying the Red Tractor logo are now made from milk hauled by a DTAS certified haulier.

Alongside Red Tractor and the British Retail Consortium standards for food processing, DTAS  completes the proposition behind the Red Tractor Logo of farm to fork assurance of dairy production, processing and distribution.

The scheme is administered by Dairy UK and is overseen by a Management Committee drawn from major milk purchasers in the UK, haulage operators and Red Tractor Assurance. Membership of the scheme covers an estimated 80 to 90% of milk haulage capacity in the UK.

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The scheme is managed by Ian Wakeling, Information Manager | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 0207 025 0545.

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